Fruits are unanimously regarded as superfoods that rule the diet chart of every healthy eater. Fruits are recommended to be consumed every day to maintain a sound eating regime. Fruits are chock-full of nutrients, antioxidants and fibres that make fruits a must-have staple in every household. Those wanting to shed extra kilos, fruits are an excellent food option. However, many diets that have recently gained traction among health experts propagate a low-carb and low-fat diet to lose weight quickly. Fruits, with all their naturally occurring sweetness, are rich in carbohydrates and have a reasonable amount of calories as well. But, not all of them are alike. There are some fruits, which have lower calorie count than other fruits that redeem their place in all the health diet plans.

When you eat low-calorie food, your body expends equal (if not more) amount of calories while eating and digesting, than the calories contained in the fruit itself. Fruits with thick skin, high-water content and low sweetness level are considered more weight-loss friendly as they contain less calories.

Here Are Some Low-Calorie Fruits That Should Be Included In Your Weight Loss Diet Chart:


Papaya is loaded up on vitamin A & C and also a number of enzymes, which lubricate the digestive tract and prevent constipation and bloating of the abdomen.


Quite evident by its name, water constitutes the most past of watermelon. High water content makes this fruit hydrating, refreshing and low in calorie count. It gets it red colour from an active antioxidant - lycopene - that boosts the immune system and provides protection from chronic diseases.


This fruit has low carbohydrate as well as low calorie value. It is an excellent food for smooth bowel movements. It is also abound with monounsaturated fats that spell wellness for heart functioning.


Strawberry has high potassium and vitamin C but low carbohydrates, sugar and calories. This versatile fruit can be consumed in salad, yogurts, smoothies, juices and pancakes or just eaten as is.


Grapefruits are known to speed up the metabolism rate of the body, leading to burning more calories without storing excessive fat. It also plays an instrumental role in lowering the cholesterol level, keeping the heart and overall bodily health in place.


Apple has always topped the charts of health foods and its position is hard to topple. This nutrient-dense fruit is the solution to almost all health issues including weight gain. The fruit is packed with fibre but stripped of calories, making it the prefect addition to our daily diet.


Stacked up with vitamin C, this citrus fruit provides many health benefits and because of its high water content, is also easier to digest.


The sweet and sour taste of peach makes it a favourite food for salads and smoothies. It stimulates the fat burning process and improves the skin health to make you look 'pretty as a peach'.


This zero-calorie fruit will help you turn slimmer in no time. The fibrous nature of apricot makes it a great food for healthy digestive system. It is loaded with vitamins that ensure robust eye and skin health.


Bromelain, an enzyme contained in pineapples, helps a great deal in keeping serious illnesses away. It also fights digestive disorders and lines up a protective defence against most allergies.


This tiny fruit plays a huge role in preventing obesity. It also keeps the body energised and maintains blood sugar levels effectively. Remember to have only fresh, plucked-out cherries not the ones you found atop cakes and desserts as they contain artificial sweeteners.


Blueberry is another hero when it comes to maintaining healthy weight and low sugar levels. It is considered a boon for diabetes patients. Not just this, it is a great fruit for brain and heart health.

All these fruits have lots of dietary fibre, which helps in easy breakdown of sugar naturally nestled in the fruits. The body uses up more energy and burns more calories to digest fibre, and hence, these fruits prove beneficial in sticking to low-calorie intake and weight loss goals. Also, housing a wealth of vitamins, these low-calorie fruits are a great source for healthy bones, eyesight and skin.

However, not just these fruits, all fruits are good to be a part of a balanced diet. You just need to be mindful of the fructose content to abstain from as many useless calories as possible.