Weight loss: 4 myths about metabolism you should stop believing!

01/5Improve your metabolism easy!

In fact, your metabolism is so crucial in maintaining vital health, you need to take constant checks to keep it in the right shape. You have heard about foods that can "instantly" rev up the metabolic rate or the exercises which can ruin the efforts. However, with so many options available to us, it can be hard to separate the myth from the fact and ruin or sabotage your progress. Weight watchers, we list out the biggest metabolism mistakes that can put a damper on your efforts:

02/5Cardio is the best bet for metabolism

Cardio helps burn calories fast, but it might not be the best bet for boosting your metabolic rate. If boosting your metabolism is what you are working towards, you need to look at exercises and workout regimes that help your body burn fat even while at rest, like muscle building, resistance training.

The same way, pushing your body to the extremes, working out for extensive hours won't necessarily rev up metabolism. In fact, doing so can prove to be costly and push your body into a stressed and inflammatory state which can mess with your BMR (Body Metabolic Rate).

03/5You need to eat less for better health

For optimum weight loss, you need to maintain a calorie deficit, or in simpler terms, eat less and then boost your metabolism. This fact does not hold true for a reason. A change in the diet and eating pattern may bring about a change in body weight and fat regulation, but it won't necessarily accelerate your metabolism. A sudden drop or spike in your calorie intake can slow down your metabolism, which is not good news at all. For the best results, you need to fuel up your body with the right form of nutrition, at the right times.

04/5Men and women have the same metabolism

Men and women have anatomical differences and there is also a sizeable difference in the way the hormones work. That being said, it is also widely believed that men and women lose weight differently and the reason behind this is their varied metabolic rate. This is not completely true. While men and women do tend to lose weight a little differently, metabolism is not the culprit behind. The weight loss is largely due to the muscular composition and skeletal density as we age, which, in turn, can take a toll on the metabolic rate. Metabolism, in itself, is not the culprit.

05/5Green tea works best for metabolism

Of all the benefits of advocating regular intake of green tea, the one boosting metabolism tops the list. However, all of that is not true. Remember, while foods can improve your metabolism, it can only do that to an extent. You would still need lifestyle overhaul, workout and the right nutrition to jig up your metabolic system. Try adding the right kind of carbs, proteins, and fats to see a difference.

Weight loss: How to eat rice while trying to lose weight

01/6​Weight loss: How to eat rice while trying to lose weight

The first advice we are given while trying to lose weight is to stop eating our favourite rice. But is rice really fattening?

Rice is low in fat, easily digestible and has a number of B Vitamins. If you are on a weight loss diet and don’t want to give up eating rice, here is some help for you:

Rice, especially white rice has a really bad reputation. Weight watchers and fitness freaks avoid having white rice as it’s full of calories and starch. Due to its versatile nature, cheap cost and easy to cook, rice is a staple in many households. But many people have banned white rice in their kitchens as its full of calories. But if you are a rice lover and don’t want to give up on rice while losing weight, here’s how you can do it:


02/6​Eating rice on a weight loss diet

The weight loss rule is to create a calorie deficit, which means burning more calories than what you are consuming. And thus, most weight-loss diets restrict excess calorie consumption. Though yes, rice is high in calories, but you don’t necessarily need to ban it from your diet.

03/6​Exercise portion control

Take only one serving of rice in a single meal. This will help you restrict the calories and maintain the calorie deficit. Also because rice is rich in carbohydrates, you can skip other forms of carbs in the meal in which you are having a serving of rice.

04/6​Make rice with a lot of veggies

Eating rice can make you feel hungry sooner. This can be avoided by pairing rice with the choice of your veggies. Veggies are full protein and fibre, which will help you keep full for long. You can add beans, capsicum, broccoli, opinion, tofu, paneer and even chicken to make your rice healthier.

05/6​Use low-calorie cooking method

Do not fry your rice or mix it with cream. Try to boil your rice only with water to pack lesser calories. Also throw away the extra water while making rice. This helps get rid of a lot of starch.


Sustainable weight loss is a combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet. No one thing alone can do the magic and help you lose weight in a wink. It’s also not necessary to give up your favourite or staple foods like rice while trying to lose weight. Exercising portion control and using healthy ways to cook are the keys.

Weight loss: 5 ways to lose your facial face

01/6These tricks are very effective!

Losing weight is a complex task, but what is even more tough is to lose fat from a specific area of your body. Facial fat is quite frustrating and it is not easy to slim down your face. In majority of cases, gaining fat around the face is due to overall weight gain. Though losing fat from some specific areas is nearly impossible, there are plenty of effective tricks that can help to reduce your facial fat. We have outlined 5 tips that you can try:

02/6Perform cardio exercise

First thing first, target weight loss is not possible. To lose fat from your face, you have to lose your overall body weight. For this, you can perform cardio and aerobic exercises. These exercises will help you lose unwanted fat from the body and will eventually slim down your face.

03/6Drink more water

70 percent of our body is made up of water. So, it is crucial to drink plenty of water to keep yourself healthy and hydrated. Drinking enough water is even more necessary when you are looking to lose weight. Increase your water intake if you are trying to shed fat from your face.

04/6Reduce your salt intake

Excess of salt intake leads to water retention in the body. Water retention can cause swelling and puffiness in different parts of your body, including your face. Sometimes the puffiness seems like facial fat. Try to reduce your sodium intake, especially if you are sensitive to fluid retention.

05/6Reduce your alcohol intake

A glass of wine on special occasions is still fine, but do not make this a habit. Drinking alcohol every day can increase your facial fat and can make you feel bloated. This happens because alcohol is high in calories and low in nutrients.

06/6Do facial exercise

Performing facial exercise is not a sure shot way to lose fat from the face, but some people believe that it really helps. Exercises stretch your facial muscles, improve your muscle strength and combat ageing.

8 easy and evidence-based weight loss tips

01/9​8 easy and evidence-based weight loss tips

Weight loss business is huge and the industry is full of myths. People are often advised to do some crazy things, despite lack of evidence. And now scientists have found some science-backed tips that can actually help you shed those extra kilos. Here is the list of seven such evidence-based weight loss tips that will surely work.

02/9​Drinking water before meals

Keeping yourself hydrated is of utmost importance to lose weight effectively. This is because drinking water can boost metabolism by 24 - 30 per cent in 1-1.5 hours, which ultimately helps you burn more calories. Studies show drinking half a litre of water half an hour before every meal helps in eating fewer calories. The people who drank water lost 44 per cent more weight than those who did not drink water.

03/9Drink black coffee

You all must have heard that black coffee before the gym helps boost your performance. And yes, this is absolutely true. Studies show that caffeine can boost metabolism by 3–11 per cent and increase the burning of fat by 10- 29 per cent.

Do not add sugar or any other high-calorie ingredient to your coffee as it will negate all the benefits.

04/9Eat less added sugar

Added sugar is bad for everyone. And most people consume way too much of it. Studies show that sugar is strongly associated with increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Read food labels as even the so called healthy foods can also be loaded with sugar at times.

05/9​Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a popular method of dieting where people cycle between periods of fasting and eating.

Intermittent fasting helps lose weight effectively without leaving you deprived of your favourite food. It also reduces the loss of muscle mass typically associated with low-calorie diets.

06/9​Eat less refined carbs

Pasta, bread, cookies, sugar, grains are all refined carbs. These carbs are stripped of their fibrous parts.

Studies say that refined carbs can spike blood sugar rapidly and lead to hunger and cravings. This, in turn, leads to binge eating and therefore weight gain. Eating refined sugar is strongly linked with obesity, say studies.

07/9​Use smaller plates

Using smaller plates has proven to help people eat fewer calories automatically. Though this trick doesn’t work for everyone. But there is no harm in trying, even if the trick doesn’t work.

08/9​Eat spicy foods

Spicy food can boost metabolism and reduce appetite slightly. You can include chilli peppers in your diet. Though having them for a long period of time can make you develop a tolerance for them. So, you can keep alternating between different spicy foods.

09/9​Eating eggs for breakfast

Eating eggs has a lot of health benefits, including weight loss. Studies show that eating eggs for breakfast can help you consume 35 per cent fewer calories in the next 36 hours. Fewer calories mean more weight loss. If you don’t eat eggs or don’t like them, you can opt for any other quality protein for breakfast.

How effective is green coffee for weight loss

01/7​How effective is green coffee for weight loss

How many of you can’t do without a hot steaming cup of coffee right after you get up? I am sure many of us fall in this list. There is no doubt that a cup of coffee gives your body the much required energy and that instant boost to get going. If you are a coffee lover, you might think that you know everything about it, but that might not be true.

Have you heard of green coffee? This new variety has been creating a lot of buzz. If you are unaware of the wonderful health benefits it offers including weight loss, this article is a must-read for you:

02/7​What is green coffee?

Green coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee fruits, which are not roasted like the regular coffee. Green coffee beans have a higher amount of chlorogenic acid that has a variety of health benefits. The amount of this compound reduces as you roast the beans and make them like what we usually consume.

The chlorogenic acid in the coffee acts as an antioxidant, which aids weight loss, helps in controlling high blood pressure and in maintaining the blood sugar levels. Just like green tea, green coffee is also becoming popular for weight loss. Green coffee doesn’t include any milk or sugar.

03/7​Green coffee for weight loss

According to the study published in the Indian Journal of Innovative Research and Development, the chlorogenic acid in green coffee is a miracle content that aids weight loss. It helps by melting the unwanted fat in the body and thus supports weight loss. Here are three more ways how green tea can help you in losing weight:

04/7​Boosts your metabolism

We all know the higher the metabolism, the more weight we lose. The chlorogenic acid helps in increasing the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which reduces the release of glucose from the liver to the bloodstream. Then in place of glucose, your body starts burning the excess fat, which ultimately results in weight loss.

05/7​Reduces your appetite

If overeating is the culprit behind your extra weight, you must try green coffee. Sip some green coffee, it acts as a natural appetite suppressant. It helps control your cravings and thus prevent you from overeating. Regular consumption of green coffee also blocks the fat and carb consumption in the body.

06/7​Reduces the absorption of sugar

Drinking green coffee reduces the absorption of sugar in your small intestine. This, in turn, leads to less sugar available to be stored as fat.

07/7​The best time to have green coffee

Though you can consume green coffee at any time of the day, it’s best to consume it right after your meals. This is because your blood sugar levels spike up after having proteins and carbs. Consuming green coffee can help by preventing the sudden spike and maintaining the blood sugar level. You can add some honey or cinnamon to enhance the taste.