Frequently Asked Questions

What is Slim XL?
Slim XL is a natural supplement for losing weight. It helps in burning extra fat around the body in a safe and side effect free manner. It helps in toning the body and is regarded as one of the most effective ways for burning fat. Since it is a Unani preparation, it is completely effective and safe.

How it works?
Slim XL acts by controlling cravings for food, blocking carbohydrates and fat from the body and boosting energy levels. It helps in melting fat from body so that it stays toned.
How to use?
Take it twice a day, morning and evening for best results.
What are the packages available for SLIM XL?
The following packages are available:
10 day pack
30 day pack
60 day pack
90 day pack
How to order?
You c an order over phone or by email.