Dehydration reduces the blood volume in various parts of the body including the penis, causing erectile dysfunction. Read on to know more about the impact of dehydration on your body.

The importance of drinking water doesn't need to be reiterated. We all know it. But surprisingly, we humans do not have the habit of having water ingrained in our daily lives.

Our body is made of about 60-70 percent water and for good reasons. So, having your body sufficiently hydrated is necessary. From weight gain to reducing the risk of diseases, water plays an important role in keeping our bodies running. Well, depleting your body of its aqua reserve is something we end up doing unintentionally. Sometimes we also substitute water with water-rich foods like fruits (cucumber or peaches), juices, or soda-based beverages. But they are poor substitutes for water. It is hard to tell the exact amount of water a person should take as it varies according to multiple factors like your activity level, the amount of rest you take, and of course, your platter. But drinking 8 glasses a day seems to be average. Adding water to your diet is not difficult if you have the intent. Here, we talk about the multiple impacts of not having enough water.

You can suffer from erectile dysfunction

In order to get an erection, you need an ample amount of oxygen-filled blood in the nerves surrounding your penis. Without enough water, the volume of blood cells and plasma decreases. This impedes blood flow to different parts of the body including the penis. stops the blood from flowing in the penis area. Lack of water also hinders the synthesis of a hormone called angiotensin, which is responsible for the tightening of blood vessels. This can also be the culprit behind erectile dysfunction.

Your eyes become dry

Without a water supply from the outside, the body starts to preserve the water already in the body system. Thirst is one of the sign that the body has started retaining water in the system and it requires water. Several other signs are shown by the body. Ignoring them can have major health implications. One of the ways it preserves water is by sucking on the tears. Tears are salty water. Without tears, the eye loses its lubrication and protection. This could cause vision loss, dry eyes, eye strain and vision problems.

You will have a dry mouth

The first sign that you need water is a dry mouth. Some people try to recover from it by consuming soda drinks. They might help you for some time, but since the water percentage in those drinks is too less, your mouth will once again become dry. In fact, taking anything other than water has the risk of further dehydration. If you can't find water to drink, go for water containing fruits as an alternative.

You will have headache

Dehydration is also likely to give you a bad headache. Without sufficient water in the system, the brain starts to shrink. As the brain shrinks and moves away from the skull, the headache kicks in. But don't panic. Once you drink water, your brain will get back to its normal size and that pounding pain in your head will cease to be.

You'll start to feel tired

Do you ever wake up from a long sleep and still feel tired? This is because of dehydration. The absence of water from the system slows down the body's functions. In order to keep working, the energy supply is redirected to more important functions. Therefore, you feel weak, if are dehydrated. Next time, wake up with a glass of water after a long sleep.

You start to forget things

If you forget to drink water, chances are you will start to forget other things too. As the fluid level in the body decrease, the brain functions start to decrease with it. As the brain shrinks it leaves out some data, causing short-term memory loss. For example, you can forget where you have left your car keys or house keys. . Your long-term memory, however, is safe, only the short-term memory takes a hit.

Your metabolism takes a hit

According to The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, the metabolism rate decreases as the fluid level decreases in the body. If the body is unable to break down the nutrients and provide the required calories, you will see that your weight will also start to decrease.

You will get crankier

Waking up and feeling all cranky is also related to dehydration. Without water in the system, the hormonal release system breaks, and it affects your mood making you cranky.

You lose your focus

Dehydration affects one's ability to focus and think clearly. As the brain functioning deteriorates, your power to focus decreases, the brain always tries to shift your focus towards the water that it needs.

Your skin dries out

Your skin moisturizer will not help you during dehydration. If the skin becomes dry from the inside, then no matter what you do on the outside it will remain dry. Your skin needs water to shine.


Your body needs a lot of water just to synthesize the waste in such a form that it can be thrown out of the system. Without water, your colon becomes dry and shrinks, making it very difficult to poop. It is important that you drink enough water around your bathroom schedule. Keeping waste in the body can have several health implications starting with a stomach ache.

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