In people who took the pill, their alcohol intake was reduced by more than half -- from five drinks per day to two, reveals a study.

Tips To Curb Excessive Drinking

Thousands of people die every year from alcohol-related deaths. There are a few medications used for treating alcohol use disorder (i.e. antiabuse, acamprosate, and naltrexone approved in the US). Now, a new study has suggested that apremilast, a pill used to treat psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, may be a promising treatment for alcohol use disorder. After receiving the anti-inflammatory medication, the participants’ average alcohol intake was reduced by more than half, from five drinks per day to two. The study included people with alcohol use disorder who weren't getting any form of treatment The results were recently published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. The investigators, including researchers from Oregon Health & Science University, found that apremilast led to increased activity in the nucleus accumbens, the brain region involved in controlling alcohol intake. Instead of medications, however, we would suggest you try these natural ways to overcome excessive drinking or alcoholism.

Keep Alcohol Away From Your Sight

The first thing you need to do to overcome heavy drinking is to remove all the alcohol bottles from the house. Try to spend more time with your well-wishers, and keep stress away. 


Not only regular exercise will help you get sober, but staying physically active can also reduce mood swings, depression, anxiety, and withdrawal symptoms.


Studies have shown that mindfulness therapies, which usually include meditation, help control undesirable actions and reduce alcohol cravings. In particular, Vipassana meditation has been found to be effective in keeping people from relapsing.

Try Acupuncture

This age-old healing practice of traditional Chinese medicine is known to help reduce alcohol cravings, ease withdrawal symptoms, as well as help relieve anxiety and depression.

Seek Support

Having the support of your close and loved ones can make it a lot easier for you to over the addiction. Don’t shy away from discussing your problem, and taking professional help.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!