The secret to being genuinely happy is being fit. Good health only comes from exercising regularly, which has to be combined with a proper and nutritious diet. Instead of making excuses like “I can start tomorrow or from the first day of the next month” get at it right this very second, especially if you have a huge number of attires sitting in the closet that will look perfect on your fit body.

1. Cardio

Cardio has proven to be the most effective way of losing weight. It effectively enhances your metabolism during the workout and helps in shedding fat. In this procedure, you need to devote more time and intensity to the regular running, walkout, jogging, cycling. You can even opt for combining cardio treadmill to reach your goal. If you can rightly mix the workout with weight training then you will be able to enjoy great benefits. As a beginner, make sure of taking regular intervals during the workout. For an effective boost in the exercise, breathe hard during the interval.

2. Push Up

Push Up is another effective free hand exercise for losing weight. While doing pushups, several parts of your body are engaged in the workout like arm, chest, and shoulders, including your legs. The advantages of doing pushups mean increasing the functional strength of the overall body and protecting yourself from any shoulder injury. It will burn a good amount of calories. Besides, the circulation of blood in the upper part of the body will also increase. Not to mention that pushups are a time-saving exercise. As a beginner, start with 10 to 15 pushups.

3. Lunges

Lunges are an exercise that works several muscle groups of a body. It works on the buttocks, thighs, and the hamstrings. It is a very simple form of workout. The most active type of lunges that assists in losing weight rapidly is the plain Jane forward lunge. You do not need any professional assistance to do it. You can perform it either with the help of dumbbells or free hand.

4. Jumping rope

Jumping rope is the procedure to swing a rope and jump over it. It is a speedy process, which is very beneficial to health and is incredibly sporty. The jumping rope is highly affordable and easily portable. At a steady rate, it burns near 10 to 16 calories a minute. It will also boost your heart rate. In fact, 10 minutes of jumping over the rope is equal to 8 minutes of mile running.

5. Jogging

Jogging is a very effective exercise, not only does it help to lose weight but also deals with grave body problems. Jogging means running at a slower pace, doing it regularly will result in a metabolism boost. It burns 435 calories per hour. If you do not have a good open ground to jog on then you can get a treadmill and use it for the same.

6. Rowing

Rowing is an effective and most familiar form of workout. You can burn up to 600 calories an hour and it will also help you perform cardio. You do not need a treadmill for it but you will need a rowing machine.

7. Weight training

Weight training has been said to be best form of weight loss technique. With weight training, you will be able to gain muscle mass and burn your body fat. The parts of your body that has more fat are mainly engaged in this workout.

8. Swimming

Swimming helps you engage major muscle groups. It enhances your cardiovascular fitness and decreases the risk of high blood pressure and chronic illness.