Whether you're working out for your first time or working out for a living, it's never a super easy process, RIGHT?! 

I get to the gym 4-5 times a week but there are still some days that I REALLY don't want to go. I have to mentally prepare for it and remind myself WHY I want to go, even when I really don't want to. 

I believe the same thing goes for eating healthy as well. Most of the time I eat healthy foods because I want to but sometimes it's a struggle to stay on track. 

I feel that this is something that at lot of people can relate to because of course we can't all be perfect, nor should we want to be! I like to live in moderation and enjoy days off from the gym and of course, I love a good cheat meal!!

The idea is that we want to try our best to live a healthy lifestyle 80% of the time and the other 20% of the time should be our wiggle room that we enjoy with no regrets! 

Sometimes what happens though is that we spend 20% of our time living a healthy lifestlye and the other 80% of the time we are distracted and not on truthfully on track with where we want to be. 

The difference between being healthy 80% of the time compared to 20% of the time is making sure that slowly but surely we build HEALTHY HABITS.

Try implementing one new Fit Girl Habit at a time until you feel like you're conquering it and then move on to the next one! 



You don't need to do a major workout in order to eat protein. Some people have asked me before if they will gain weight if they eat protein without working out and the answer is NO :) Protein (like I mentioned in my last post) is SUPER IMPORTANT because it promotes lean muscles and it controls our appetite. 

When we eat protein, a signal is sent to our brain letting us know that we are full. 

I like to start my day with a protein shake which varies but if I'm in a big rush and need to get out the door then I just do 1 cup of coconut milk with 1 cup of alkaline water and 1 scoop of plant protein, shake it up and GO. 

Later on in the day I like to add things like egg whites, garbanzo beans, hummus, quinoa and almonds to my diet to make sure that I'm getting a good amount of protein in my diet!


Don't be intimidated by meal prepping! I know some people go all out and separate all meals for the week into seperate tuperware containers (I wish I did that!! Haha) BUT you can do a lot less and still make a huge improvement!

Personally I like to prep a few things like sweet potatoes, a tuna salad, and some kind of grain like couscous or quinoa or a veggie pasta and then use it throughout the week. 

This is because grains tyically take the longest to cook so I like to have those prepared and then I can add them to something simple like a salad (my go to) or heat it up with some sautèed veggies really quick and have a complete healthy meal ready to go! 

*LATEST TIP - buy some Nori roll papers if you can and add a bit of quinoa and avocado to it, then roll it up and enjoy with some soy sauce! Allows you to get healthy fats + protein + minerals!


If you feel like it's kind of hard to drink enough water throughout the day try this:

purchase a 1/2 gallon water bottle that you can carry around with you and fill it up with water (preferably alkaline water) at the start of each day and make it your mission to finish it by the end of the day! It's so crazy how much more water you will find yourself drinking! 

Drinking enough water will drastically help with digestion, energy, BLOAT, and it will keep your skin looking hydrated.


Personally I know that I tend to induldge in more food than I need when I FEEL super hungry, and then I feel too full to move and it's super uncomfortable. 

One of the best things you can do is keep healthy snacks around you at all times so that if you're getting off work late or your stuck in traffic, you have something to reach for that will fill you up enough until you can make a healthy meal. 

My go to snack is almonds because they fight belly fat and contain protein plus healthy fats so I don't need very many to feel satisfied. I keep a bag in my locker at work, another bag in my car and another bag at home! Haha! 

I also buy little protein bars that I can just throw in my purse if I need to or carrots and hummus that I can grab before I get on the road. 


I've found that works best for me personally is scheduling all my workouts at the start of the week. This also works well because at the studio I go to, I can't cancel class unless I want to be charged $12.00 so scheduling my classes before I can decide that I don't feel like going works really well. 

If you don't go to a gym then you can still time block 30 mins - 1 hour of your day to spend working out at home. Write it down in your calendar at the start of the week so that it's in writing and feels a little more rewarding when you get to check it off!


YES! Relaxing is one of the habits of a fit girl!!

When we're feeling tired our body sends a signal to our brain that we want sugar because it knows that sugar will give us the quickest form of energy. Unfortunately sugar is NOT healthy and the energy it gives us is always short lived. 

We also don't perform our best when we are sleepy and probably don't feel like working out. 

It messes with our appetite and makes us crave bad foods SO please get a good nights rest! 

I like to wind down by putting my phone away, applying a face mask, doing light house work, and then getting in bed with the TV off and the shades closed!